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Free Life Coaching... is a free e-book and self life coaching program which is designed to assist YOU in getting your life back into shape and to transform your lifestyle so that you are happier, more efficient, more fulfilled and more at peace with yourself.

Here are some features of the e-book:

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Free Life Coaching
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Download a free full copy [PDF ebook format] of the second edition of my published book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks which introduces, details and gives step by step instructions on how to implement the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

The book [200 pages] covers everything you need to know about the Plan and includes copies of all documentation which you can photocopy for your personal use.

In addition, there are a number of easy to read chapters [ with related exercises] on key self-help topics [ e.g  Happiness, Stress, Communication, Self Acceptance, Gratitude] which are meant to challenge your thinking and to provide further help as you work through the Phoenix Plan.

To obtain the download you are not asked by me to register anywhere or to provide any personal details. The book is provided as a free public service. However, you may be asked at the download site to register. Your details will never to passed to me or to any other third party.

[Over 5100 people have downloaded this free ebook since October 2014]

To download, click HERE [then scroll down page to see ebook]

The path to personal positive change is not an easy one, but worthwhile and necessary if you want to get to where you want to be..

Take courage,and make a start today..

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For YOU, today is the day to begin work on the pressures in your lifestyle. This site can guide you along..