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This is a not-for-profit site…  There is nothing to buy or subscribe to.. Your personal details are never asked for..


This site aims to motivate and help you to get your life back on track when you  you have lost heart with things and are not sure where to start..

It will show you why a new start will be beneficial to your future life and happiness. It will give you some tips and resources to help you take the first forward steps..

Something happened recently in your life which has disrupted the quality of your lifestyle?  

Feel paralysed about the future?

Depression setting in and little motivation to face up to the issues now facing you?

Believe that you are trapped and can never again experience a satisfying and productive lifestyle?

Your thoughts still living in the past and wondering why life has treated you so cruelly?

Got caught up in an addiction which is pulling you down?

Simply, don’t know where to go from here?

Wondering if counselling might help but can’t afford it or don’t know how to find the right professional?

If your response is “YES” to some of the above questions, perhaps this site might help you to work out how to go forward. Whatever the trauma that has placed you where you are now, it is vital that you rise above that event and take steps to restore security, peace and satisfaction in your lifestyle. How you are feeling now is not unusual after your experience and many others have probably been there too. Your choice is to remain in the painful limbo of the present or to rally your resources to make those changes which will take you to a better quality of living.

This site will suggest some tips which will help you to get there… Why not give it a try?

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Take note - for you are the real architect and builder of your future life..

Take care - and plan a future which has meaning for you

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