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You need to make a personal plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be..

Planning a New Start

Find a time when you can be on your own and uninterrupted for at least an hour. Equip yourself with pen and paper and carry out the self-assessment exercise below. Make brief notes as you go along.

Think about and examine your present lifestyle. What is wrong in it and/or what thing(s) are distressing you? What do you think is causing these problems? Do you have any control over these events? Are there any steps you could take now to make things better?

Given your present situation, what things in life do you really want? What could you do to make your life happier? Is your style of thinking a possible cause for how you are feeling? If you changed your thought patterns would life be any better?

Try to visualise what might be for you the ideal new lifestyle - but be realistic. Make allowances for your age, your financial situation, your level of skills, education and qualifications, the degree of effort you might be prepared to put into making any necessary changes. Are you emotionally strong enough to work on making the changes necessary to achieve this lifestyle? Does the prospect of this lifestyle change give you motivation to work at making it happen? Do you have any support people in your life who might understand and encourage you as you work to get closer to this new lifestyle?

[Now have a break for ten minutes or so. Maybe have a cup of tea or coffee. Then back to your planning task]

Look over your brief notes and make any changes if you think it necessary. Now follows a difficult task..

Attempt to prioritise the life changes you would like to make. Place at the top of your list those changes which, if achieved, would make you feel happiest and most satisfied. Note also the level of difficulty you might experience in working to bring them about.

Now choose the two or three of these life changes that you are prepared to work at right away. Do not choose more than three and it’s fine if you limit yourself to one or two. Avoid choosing the most difficult areas for change at this time.

These chosen life changes [one, two or three of them] will become your life goals for the foreseeable future. Give yourself a time frame for achieving each of them - for example, two or three weeks or maybe months. Break down each goal into weekly targets which can be measured as completed or not completed. This monitoring will help you assess your progress as you work to achieve each goal. [Help with this task will be suggested on the Helpful Resources page.]

Once you have reached the position where you have chosen one,two or maybe three life changes to become your goals, broken these goals into weekly targets and settled on a time frame for completion, you have taken a major step to transforming your lifestyle.

The ultimate success of what you have done will now be measured by your determination and motivation to keep going until you achieve your selected goal(s)

Remember the slogan:

if you take two steps forward and one backwards, but keep going, you are making real progress!

Make a start today!

Click HERE to go to Helpful Resources page

If setting up your personal plan to work towards achieving your goals proves  too difficult, don’worry.

I have created a detailed personal development plan which will help you. It’s called the
Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan and it also free for you to use.

Read about it on the Helpful Resources

It is strongly suggested that you now record in writing
full details of your chosen goals, the weekly targets you have created
and the time frame you have selected.

This will help you immensely when you come to monitor and review your progress.

Using a small private notebook for this might be a good idea.