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If you don’t take control of where your life is going, you will never reach your wished for destination!

Why Start Again

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What is meant by starting again?

By starting again you decide to make a clear mental break with the painful past. While you accept that past events have happened and have caused pain and disruption in your life , you acknowledge that you will not ponder over them or seek to reactivate the past. You recognise that in many situations what is past cannot be restored.  You realise that the best and, perhaps, the only way you can bring about or restore a workable level of happiness to your lifestyle is to make changes, changes that will take you closer to the lifestyle you seek. You further recognise that it is futile and self-injurious to engage in self-blame for the trauma of the past or to harbour deep resentments against others for their supposed injustices against you. You agree to forget any recent attempts at working for change, which fell apart.

If you do not start again [as defined above] you limit yourself to a future life within the sterile environment in which you are now caught, with a likely increasing loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, personal happiness, motivation for change and possibly sink into depression and addictive ensnarements. Six months ahead, you are much less likely to find the energy to challenge yourself to work for positive change. Moreover, instead of living to your own values and dreams, your life may be caught up with dutifully following the expectations and demands of other parties.

If you do not want these things to happen, this is why you must start again right now. If you do, it is unlikely you will ever regret your decision.

When you can make this decision to start again, you will be fired by a new enthusiasm for the future. This will give rise to greater motivation to get to the quality lifestyle you seek. You are then ready to start planning for your new start.

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It may that you are not yet able to reach the stage where you are ready to start again

If this is the case, give yourself a week or so to think about things, and then reconsider.

If you still can’t move forward, this may be a sign that you need outside professional assistance to help break the bonds with the past.

If this happens, take immediate steps to secure this important support.

It may take some time to reach the start again mode. Be patient with yourself. When you do commit you will probably have many slip ups, but do not give up. Just as you cannot climb a high stairwell in quick bounds the first time you try, but need to train yourself to do so, you will need to proceed slowly and with determination.

My slogan is: if you take two steps forward and one backwards, but keep going, you are making real progress! Therefore, be kind to yourself and be slow to self-judgement..

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